Earth Day Shin-Dig 2009 

So it is long overdue but I still want to give everyone a taste of Earth Day 2009 if they couldn't make it and a chance to reminisce if they did!! I won't blah blah blah about it - but thank-you to EVERYONE and now enjoy some video!!

First up was
Lara Ewen and here she is singing her ass off as usual on a great song called "Reckless". She sounded great and I thank her for opening the show so beautifully!  That's Mark Marshall on Guitar and Shakey Dave Pollack on Harmonica!

Alex Battles and the Whiskey Rebellion (Shakey Dave Pollack, Smilin Charlie Shaw, Dan Forbes) singing about a liberated, or shall we say, Easy Girl.  Not nearly as R-rated as last year - sorry Mom!

Bryan Dunn with Andy Mac, Jim McNamara, Jennie Muoio, and Shaky Dave doing one of my favorite songs of his... And making fun of my dumb ass to start....

Wolfe and the Wayside
- Jon Lundbom, Aaron Wolfe, Danny Reisbick, and Colum Young - kicking our asses!

Me.  Girl in the Tree.  I do have video of this up already but this one is better as it also includes a performance by Mr. Battles on the side...  And that's
Alex Sweeton on piano and vox, Joe Brent on violin, Angelo Merendino on drums and Max Hinojosa on bass!!

And finally Jennifer Merendino who was so kind as to give us a little GREEN education!! Thanks Jen!


So the Earth Day Celebration for 2008 was another great success!!  Thanks for everyone who came out and was a part of it!

We raised ALMOST $1500 for
Earth Justice and Sustainable Harvest!!  If you weren't there & are now inspired to donate - just click on their names!

The bands all sounded GREAT!!  And how lucky am I that they all gave their time for this event?  THANK-YOU BANDS!!  But rather than going on and on about it here are some clips of my favorite moments from everyone's performances...  Enjoy!!  Thanks again for coming out and I hope to see everyone next year!!


Alex Battles' Banjorama and the song he dedicated to.  My.  MOTHER!  Ha!

Pickin' Chicken's answer to that.

Bryan Dunn doing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.  Man, can that boy sing!!

One of my favorite Alex Sweeton songs with her kick ass band, Willard Dyson, Ann Klein and Max Hinojosa

Jodie Manross' very soulful last song


And finally - my anthem to the planet with my awesome band - Phil Bloom, Joe Brent and Alex & Max again... I Don't Wanna Live on the Moon!

Thank-you for listening!!

15 Minutes of Fame! 

The first 15 MINUTES OF FAME was officially a success!  Here are a few pics of the folks I was lucky enough to have there singing for me (and I guess everyone else!) Unfortunately I didn't get everyone but...

Hi from all of us!

David Goldman post-great set!

LJ Murphy kickin' butt.

They have food now!  Chili Fries!!!

My kick-ass featured songwriter Ann Klein with Joe Brent and the spontaneous mandolin war!

Julius noisied the room up a bit!!

Adorable and awesome Lara Ewan

Picken Chicken!! Or Hilary Hawke of Hogzilla - such a great set!

And last but not in the least least - Rick Snyder!!!  What an awesome treat to end the evening!

Bye Bye Hair!! 

So I had mentioned to a few of you that I was going to do this... and now I have!!  The hair went bye bye!  I got it chopped off on this past weekend at Salon Bohemia in Park Slope (thank-you Karen!)....  and now it is officially on it's way to LOCKS OF LOVE in Florida!  It turned out I had 14 inches to give to them!  Yay!!

Here's a little photo diary of all the fun and trauma (thank-you to Angelo Merendino of JuliuS for the pictures!):

Right before the cut!
Right before the cut!

Holding my breath...

14 Inches!  Yikes.

The cutting begins...

And keeps going....

And going...

AND going....


Sadness for the new bang-ed do...?  Nah - it's all good!

Check out the bangs!

So I lived through it!  Would I do it again?  I dunno!  Ask me in a couple years!

Happy New Year 

I hope everyone's holidays were magnificent and that 2008 has been great to you so far!

Here is all the exciting news for the new year...

Seems it is going to be a very Kenny's Castaways year once again.  My first show of '08 will be there!  And a it's a full length Andi Rae show with her own band, including Alex Sweeton on back-up vocals... not til Feb 23rd - so plenty o' time to mark your calendar!

ALSO... on Feb 27th I will begin hosting an open mic at Kenny's.  It's set to be a FULL BAND open mic - drums and everything!   So very fun - please pass it on to anyone you know who needs a stage to test out some songs!  We're hoping to make this very fun and Maria (of Kenny's) is even talking about some drink specials for our open mic-ers.... so come out and bring your friends!  Last Wed of every month!!!

On Fri March 14th, I will be in Brooklyn at the lovely and recently beautifully renovated Bar4!!  Sharing the bill with Bryan Dunn and Jodi Shaw.

AND - YAY!  2nd annual Earth Day Show is in the works!!  This will also be at Kenny's Castaways.  Last year was amazing and I'm shooting for that and even more this year so - again - mark  your calendars for Sat, April 19th.

SO!  As that takes us almost into 2009 - I guess I'll stop there!  I'm looking forward to seeing you.  Stay warm and happy.  And here's wishing an amazing 2008 for us all!!


HELP!! And cool news! 

So I have 2 cool pieces of news!

First of all - I could really use everyone's help.  I'm doing fairly well on this music site...  And it would awesome if anyone's has a spare second to help me out with some votes!  You can vote everyday - after the first time when you register it takes 2 seconds!  So if anyone has the time to make that their morning or evening ritual for a few weeks you'll be feeling the love from me!  Here's the link again:


I am SO excited to have booked an Earth Day Show at the Living Room!  It's all for charity so PLEASE PLEASE put it on your calendar!  There will be lots of bands and and I think it's going to be a blast.  I'll have a list of who is playing and details on who we will be donating to very soon. 

That's all I've got for now!  Take care of yourselves!


Dewey Beach Americana Music Fest 

I LOVED the Dewey Beach Americana Music Festival!!

What can I say?  The Rusty Rudder was a very cool place, they had 4 stages set up 2 out, 2 in and they would just switch off... so there was always someone playing while someone else was setting up!  For those of you who have been to a festival before, I'm sure this isn't big news, but it was my first and I thought it was awesome!!  And especially because I got to play on the big inside stage!  (What did I do to deserve this??)  Here is the ONLY picture I have, because I left my camera in the hotel room.  I know.  Lame.  You don't know the half of it!

You can just barely see Max on the side and Willard in the back.
And Roland is sawing away on the right.

The band was amazing!  Everyone signed on last minute and they all killed it.   They sounded incredible, and they were ALL troopers!  Willard drove himself there and back all in one night, Roland took the gig out of Joe's hands 4 days before and still played perfectly...

But I have to give special props to Max who I had to wake up first thing in the morning when I discovered the flight I had booked to get back to New York on Saturday morning (so I could pick up a car and drive these boys back down to Dewey Beach) DIDN'T EXIST.  That's right, the flight didn't exist and I had NO way to get to New York in time to get back!  So Max got up, went into the city, picked up the rental car, picked up Roland, went back to Brooklyn to get his gear and then got them both down to Dewey Beach in more than enough time for the show.  Without one little peep of a complaint.  I owe you Maximiliano!!  (Mom & John drove me there - thanks Mom & John!)

Also, there were so many New York bands there - it was like a big reunion party, even with the people that I had not met before!  I saw Gretchen Witt, Pemberton Roach (subbing for Last Charge of the Lighthorse) and met Pete & J... and I think those 2 owe me a Philly trip!   All in all, great time.  Was worth all the exhaustion I feel right now!!!

I am Background Music! 

So, after some much needed rest, I took Alex wandering around in Norfolk before the show Friday night.  We ran into my friend Joel who was SO happy to see us.

Ok, maybe he WAS kinda happy to see us.

We got a little windblown.

And Aromas in Williamsburg, that night, was interesting...  One whole half of the room was not paying any attention to poor Alex and me....

but I got to be super goofy while playing so it was very fun.

Also, Dave, who booked us, was so awesome, he gave us some free mugs - I wish I'd taken his picture... since we took pictures of almost everything else that night!!  So, since no one would pay attention to me there, I will now make YOU look at my pictures!!!  LOOK AT ME!!  Ha ha ha.  And then it will be on to Dewey Beach for my first Festival!!

Alex and I post-show.  Great one of me - thanks Joel!

My brother Jeff and his girlfriend, Cheryl....

Mom pontificating...

Lord have mercy, Joel and Alex got hold of the camera...

Mom and John....

I think I scared John!

Me and Mama and Jeffy!!

Akshay & the Blue Mountain Cafe 

So back out on the road again!  But only for a few days this time...

Left New York on a rainy Tuesday and it rained the WHOLE WAY.  But it was a pretty uneventful trip considering!

Spent all day on Wednesday just hanging around at Mom's and wishing I didn't have shows and that I could just continue to lie around (luckily I don't have pictures of this.)

BUT I did make it to the show and had the best time! 

I got to see my friend Jenny and my friend Brian who I had not seen a long looong time!

So so so good to see them and it made me very nostalgic.  I'll be going to back to visit soon, to revisit all the places in Richmond I used to hang around while in college and catch up more with my long-lost buds!

As for the show itself...  Alex was sick but awesome!

And here I am...

Then Akshay came up and did Damien Rice's 'Volcano' with me...

And we had a great local co-biller - Andy Moore!

Then afterward, we had some Peppermint Shakes at the Galaxy Diner with Akshay and Andrew!  Akshay treated!  Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!

Then back to Mom's pad in Hampton to try and get some sleep for the Williamsburg show tomorrow...